Commercial Roofing: 4 Tips for Finding the Best Roofing Contractor for Your Property

Nov 7, 2023Blog, Commercial Roofing Company, Commercial Roofing Contractor, Franklin

Owning a business and having a property to care for can be stressful! Where does a Franklin business owner turn to when their roofing system needs some repairs? What steps can be taken in finding the right roofing contractor to work with? Here are a few tips to remember when the time comes for assistance with all things roofing. 

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Required Licensure and Insurance

Before you sign on the dotted line and hire a commercial roofing contractor for your commercial business, it is best to make sure the company has all of the required licenses and insurance in place. Do a little research yourself so you are knowledgeable about what to ask for. A trustworthy contractor will present you with the information you are requesting. If they are not able to provide the information or question why are you asking, perhaps it would be best to move along and seek a different contractor. 

These resources may be helpful:

Ask for Referrals

Another topic to discuss with a potential contractor is inquiring about those they have already done work for. Ask for several names and/or addresses so you can speak with the owners, or look at the completed work. If you do speak with some former customers, here are some questions you can ask to begin the conversation: 

  • Did Company X show up on time? 
  • Did Company X clean up when they were done? 
  • Did Company X provide you with a written bid and/or estimate? 
  • How did Company X want to be paid? 
  • Would you hire Company X again in the future? 

Many times references won’t hold anything back when they are asked for their opinion. They will most likely give you the good and the bad reviews and you can then base your decision on their viewpoints and experience. 

To simplify this tip, look no further than Force Roofing Systems! Just read their customer reviews!

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Verify Experience

There is some credit to helping a new company get off the ground floor and begin its business, but are you sure you trust a novice contractor with your roof? Perhaps it would be best to help a small lawn care business or help a family at the local farmers market. But the roof of your business is vitally important to the success of your business! 

For example: 

  • Are you a restaurant owner?  Make sure the leaks are sealed up quickly. No one likes a leaky roof over the buffet table! 
  • Do you own an apartment building? The residents desire a safe environment for their families, and they are paying rent to ensure you keep them and their possessions safe. 
  • A small retail store can lose its livelihood if the roofing system collapses all over its goods.
  • No one desires to attend church and be dripped upon during the sermon due to a faulty roof.  

Place your trust in Force Roofing Systems which has been working in the industry for years. And knows the safety precautions and ways to fix all of the damages with ease. 

Hire Local

When, and if, damages occur after a major storm, who are you going to call? Working with a local contractor can bring peace of mind because a working relationship has been established. They are the techs you will call when the yearly inspection is needed. They are the knowledgeable professionals you can rely on when you have a question about gutters or upgrading your roofing materials. A local contractor understands the importance of community and shares in the ups and downs of life in Franklin. 

Look no further, we are right up the street!

Call on Force Roofing Systems, a reliable roofing company in Franklin to assist you with any roofing job, large or small, and we can work together to make your property, and our community a better place. 


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