7 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Gutters for Your Chattanooga Home

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As roofing professionals, we know that gutters are often underestimated but play a crucial role in maintaining your home’s well-being. They directly impact your roof’s health and the stability of your foundation. Additionally, gutter design is not just functional; it’s also an aesthetic consideration. Let’s delve into the key factors Tennessee homeowners should consider when selecting their next gutter system.


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Factors To Consider-

Home size

Your home’s size dictates the type and size of gutter required. Larger homes generate more water runoff, necessitating larger gutters to accommodate the increased volume effectively.

Length of gutter

The absence of downspouts or interruptions along a lengthy gutter segment influences the gutter size required. The length of your gutter directly correlates with the size needed to adequately manage water flow.

Gutter Size

Gutters come in various sizes, including 5-inch, 6-inch, and 7-inch. 5-inch gutters are typically standard for residential properties. However, as previously mentioned, depending on specific factors, certain areas of your gutter system may necessitate larger sizes.

Gutter Style

At Force Roofing Systems, we offer a few different styles of gutter.

  • Seamless – Seamless gutters, favored by homeowners, offer a custom fit without seams. Their design minimizes leaks, lowers maintenance, and enhances aesthetics, seamlessly blending with the home’s architecture.
  • Sectional – Sectional gutters, assembled from pre-cut sections, offer affordability but are prone to leaks and clogs due to seams. Regular maintenance is necessary to prevent deterioration and ensure functionality. While not as durable or visually appealing as seamless gutters, they can effectively manage water with proper care.
  • Half-Round – Half-round gutters, known for their classic elegance, feature a rounded shape resembling a half-circle. Constructed from materials like aluminum, copper, or galvanized steel, they offer smooth water flow capacity, minimizing clogs. Their timeless design complements traditional or historic homes, combining aesthetics with effective water protection.
  • Box-Style – Box-style gutters, also known as square gutters, are favored for modern buildings. Constructed from durable materials like aluminum or galvanized steel, they handle heavy rainfall effectively. Custom-fabricated to match building dimensions, they offer a seamless appearance and can be installed with internal brackets for a minimalist look. Regular maintenance is vital to prevent clogs. Overall, they provide functionality, durability, and contemporary aesthetics.


choosing new gutters, how to choose gutters, new gutter options


Gutter Color

The color of your gutter system significantly impacts your home’s overall aesthetics. It’s crucial to explore your options, considering your existing siding and roofing colors to achieve a cohesive design that reflects your desired aesthetic.

Number of Downspouts & Amount of Rainfall

Something as seemingly minute as the number of downspouts will ultimately determine what type and size of gutter system you will need. If you don’t have many downspouts, the ones you do have will need to be big enough to move a lot of water away from your home. Also, consider the frequency of rainfall in your area when selecting the type and size of your gutter system.

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are installed over gutters to block debris, allowing water flow while preventing clogs. They minimize gutter cleaning and maintenance, saving time and effort. By preventing water overflow, they protect roofs, walls, and foundations. Available in various styles, such as screens or mesh covers, they enhance gutter functionality and longevity, reducing clogs and water damage risk.

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