How To Know If Your Roofer Is Scamming You

Apr 18, 2021Blog, Franklin, Roofer

Choosing the right roofing company to repair and replace your home’s roofing system is not a task to be taken lightly. You need to consider many factors before you sign any roofing contracts.

You need to know if your contractor is licensed, whether they have insurance, subcontract their work, how much experience they have, and what previous customers think of their work.

Blindly picking a roofing company can lead to several things going wrong with your roofing project. Many homeowners have been scammed or ripped off by roofing companies, sometimes without them even knowing it.


If you think your roofing contractor is ripping you off, carry on reading as we detail the common signs of a roofing scam.


Bait And Switch

The bait and switch are what happens when a roofing contractor offers you a roofing deal that’s lower than many other roofing companies in your area. Once you’ve caught on to the bait, they’ll most likely steadily increase their costs once you’ve signed a contract.

It’s easy to spot these types of scams because their costs are usually significantly lower than every other roofing company. With enough research, you’d be able to determine what the standard asking price is for specific roofing work and thus not get caught in a bait and switch situation.


Storm Chasing

Storm chasers are fly-by-night roofers who have landed into town conveniently after a significant storm has passed. These roofers usually go door-to-door, pointing out roofing damage on homes, and this is probably the biggest red flag of a storm chaser.

Because they’re usually from out of town, it may be hard to find references for previous work they’ve done, and they most likely won’t have the necessary paperwork to complete a roofing job in your area.

They perform low-quality roofing work, and once they’ve completed, they disappear just as quickly as they arrived, so should there be any issues with your roofing, you might not be able to find them again.


Large, Upfront Payments

If a contractor wants you to make large, upfront payments on the first day of the roofing project, the chances are high that they will run off with your money. Unfortunately, many homeowners have suffered the fate of fraudulent roofing contractors running off with their money.

Professional roofers will never ask you for a large upfront payment. Periodic payments are often used when paying for a roofing project. This ensures that the project’s budget is still being followed and that both the homeowner and roofer are happy with the project’s progress.


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