The Problem With Ice Dams

Mar 12, 2021Blog, Franklin, Ice Dams

Various states have been experiencing a unique winter season across the country. Areas like Texas are experiencing some of the most significant snowfalls in decades. California has even seen some minor hail fall. Here in Tennessee, roofers have noticed an increase in ice dams, thanks to the icy climate.

While we can appreciate the beauty of winter, there’s nothing more annoying and perhaps even concerning than an ice dam forming on your property.

According to the University of Minnesota Extension, an ice dam occurs when a prominent ridge of ice forms right along the edge of your roof. This hunk of ice prevents melting snow, or any form of water, from draining off your roof.

Everyone knows that stagnant water is never a good idea. Stagnant water on your roof can encourage the growth of moss and mildew; it can lift your shingles and cause leaks in your home.

An ice dam may occur due to a range of different surface temperatures on your roof. That’s why in some areas, there may be a pile-up of snow, stagnant water in another and an ice dam right on the edge.

Varying temperatures on your roof may occur due to heat loss from inside your home, the position of your chimney, ice and snow interacting with the climate, poor attic ventilation as well as the position and the functionality of your gutter system.

As mentioned before, many states around the country have been experiencing a rather peculiar winter season. In many parts of the country, there’s been an increase in calls to roofing companies concerning the formation of ice dams on homeowners’ roofs.

Insurance companies have also received an alarming number of claims and queries regarding ice dams. Kevin Duitsman, Country Financial’s Property Claims Manager, has also noted that his company has received the most claims for ice dams in recent years during this past winter.

Ice dams can pose quite a threat to your home. The weight of snow, water and ice on your roof can cause a slight sagging in your roof structure. Over long periods, this kind of weight can only weaken your roofing system.

Stagnant water also eats away at your roofing materials and can lead to the growth of mold, moss and mildew. Should this water seep into any cracks and gaps, it may lead to leaking in your home and resulting in a sagging ceiling in extreme cases.

Also, ice formation right along the edge of your roofing creates a dangerous environment of large icicles forming and falling on people when they break off. Therefore, an ice dam is a situation that needs to be dealt with immediately for the safety of your home and your family.

Removing an ice dam can be a tricky business and should always be done by a professional roofing company, like Force Roofing Systems.

To limit the number of ice dams that occur on your roof, its necessary to make sure that no heat and air leakages are taking place in your home and attic space. You may need to consider increasing your roof’s insulation to prevent any heat loss. Make sure that your gutters are clear of any debris so that the water has a clear drainage pathway.

Have an ice dam issue on your property? Don’t hesitate to call the roofing professionals at Force Roofing Systems today! We offer 24/7 emergency roofing services!

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