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Protect Your Property With Our Roof Tune Up and Building Maintenance Programss

roof tune up roofingHave you run into trouble with your roof in the past? Whether it be for your home or business, you ought to know that small issues here and there can accumulate into big and costly problems down the road. To avoid the strain of heavy financial burdens, you’ll need to watch over your roof as the years go by. And while that amount of time and attention to detail is difficult for many to maintain, Force Roofing Systems is here to help!

We aim to be your protection against the storm, so we’re happy to introduce you to our Roof Tune Up and Building Maintenance Programs to help secure the time and attention you need to protect your roof anytime. Below we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about how these programs work so you can see why they’re so important and how you can benefit from them.

Keep Your Home Healthy With a Roof Tune Up

It’s never fun to come across a problem that requires major roofing repair. But with regular roof maintenance, you can avoid a major disaster by catching problems early. It’s recommended to have your roof inspected at least two times a year for residential homes, and three or four times a year for commercial buildings, depending on the size of the roof. Generally speaking, the larger the roof, the more frequently it requires upkeep.

As part of the roof maintenance process, it’s best to utilize a roofing service for a professional inspection. The inspector will look for any damage that needs repair, fix potential problems that could lead to damage, remove debris, and make note of any aspects of the roof that might need extra attention in the future.

Roof Maintenance Benefits

Now that we have an understanding of some of the preventative actions that can help prolong the life of a roof, let’s take a look at some of the benefits that come along with regular roof maintenance:

  • Better Energy Efficiency. By keeping your roof in great shape, you ensure that your home is properly insulated at all times, which over time can lower your energy bills and save you money.
  • Catch Issues Early. Perhaps the biggest benefit that will help your wallet. Finding and fixing that one loose shingle or uncaulked seam will be much cheaper than replacing an entire section of your roof due to neglect.
  • Improve Your Home’s Air Quality. Unattended roof leaks can and often do eventually lead to mold. Mold can be a serious health risk by negatively affecting the quality of air that you breathe that can be mitigated with regular maintenance.
  • Protect Your Investment. The roof on your home is one of the biggest investments in your life. Regular maintenance will allow you to extend the life of this investment as far as possible.

Our Roof Tune Up Maintenance Program

Our Roof Tune Up Maintenance Program is an annual subscription fee, starting at $800, that is available to both homeowners and commercial property owners. With over a decade of experience, Force Roofing System will provide you with the finest professional roof technicians, trained to detect and solve roofing issues for both residential and commercial properties. Our goal with this program is to help mitigate any damage that could lead to a full roof replacement. Finding and fixing problems earlier is always the best solution, and we’re committed to maintaining your roof until the time finally comes to replace it.


Here are the services included in this yearly inspection program:

  • Repair Nail Pops. Nail pops can bring the shingle up with it, risking water damage to your roof and losing the shingle altogether. We’ll identify and replace nail pops to keep shingles firmly in place.
  • Repair Loose Laying Shingles. Like nail pops, loose shingles do little to protect your roof and can expose it to greater problems. We’ll get your shingles back in uniform nature tp protect the roof from damages.
  • Repair Cracked Shingles. Thermal expansion can cause shingles to crack, but replacement isn’t always necessary. We can repair those shingles and keep them tightly sealed to prevent further cracks.
  • Caulk All Seams. It’s normal for caulk to crack and split over time. We’ll be at the ready to reapply caulk to all seams and prevent cracks from inviting exposure damage.
  • Repair Any Loose or Exposed Fasteners. Thermal expansion can also cause havoc on your fasteners, which can spell greater problems for your roof. We’ll make sure all fasteners are back in working order.
  • Roof Replacement Credit. We’ll help you replace your roof for as long as we can. But if you find that your roof just needs an extra level of care, we’ll understand. In addition, this program will provide you with an $800 credit to apply to your roof replacement cost.


Here are the benefits of this program:

  • If done consistently, the life of your roof can be extended by up to 50% longer than expected
  • Any major interior damage and potential health hazards due to undetected roof issues will be found ahead of time and prevented
  • Roof accidents and damage can be stopped before they start, protecting your family, friends, and neighbors, and reducing your liability
  • You’ll have access to priority appointments and emergency service responses from our expert team of technicians
  • In the event you want to sell, you will have documentation that your roof has been steadily maintained, this increasing the value of your home

Who Benefits Most From This Program?

The Roof Tune Up Maintenance Program is best suited for busy homeowners with not enough time in their schedules to do it all, as well as landlords, homeowners who have difficulty getting onto their roof, safety-conscious owners of steep roofs, and those with limited roofing knowledge that don’t know what to look for. Whether we can make it easier, safer, more convenient, or any combination thereof, let Force Roofing Systems and their Roof Tune Up Maintenance Program help you maintain your roof for years to come so you can focus on what really matters.

Why Choose Roof Tune Up if There Are Already Warranties?

While warranties are very important to have as an added layer of protection, not all warranties are created equal. Certain warranties only cover labor or materials, and many contain fine print that make them quite easy to void. Some warranties can even be voided if you fail to maintain your roof altogether. Therefore, the Roof Tune Up Program is ideal for helping you keep up on your roof no matter what kind of warranty you may have in place.

Building Maintenance Plan

Does our Roof Tune Up program sound like more than you’re looking for?  We offer an additional four step preventative building maintenance plan that will help you stay on top of the needs of your roof to make sure no damage goes unnoticed.

Scope of Work

The preventative building maintenance plan is a four-step program that is performed on a scheduled basis. Our technicians will inspect, clean, maintain and report on the condition of your rooftops and make any recommendations necessary to keep your facility’s roofs in shape.

Our Four Step Program

This four step process includes:

  1. Roof Inspection – We will do a visual survey of the exterior condition of your roof and related sheet metal work. In addition, we will note wall panel, brick divider, parapet, and roof protrusions and their condition. We are looking for deterioration or damage that has occurred between your service visits and will document conditions to monitor during future service visits.
  2. General Upkeep – We will clear minor debris (i.e. pine straw, leaves, light trash, etc.) from the roof surface, gutters, interior drains and through-wall scuppers. Debris can cause water to pond, which causes premature aging of the roof and could cause significant damage to the roof system. This does not include the washing of any roofs.
  3. Maintenance – As required, we will re-caulk open metal flashing, top off pitch pans, and secure drain clamps and vent pipe rings.
  4. Annual Report – We will provide you with an annual outline of work performed and a condition assessment, to include work related photographs. We will provide a repair proposal and require appropriate approval prior to starting any additional work. This may include deficiencies, defects or such items as weather related damage, fire damage, or damage caused by others.

In addition to the above steps we will propose any additional repairs that fall outside of the scope of work noted above. These repairs will not be performed without prior approval, so you can feel confident that you’re not being taken for a ride on a service you don’t want.

Benefits of the Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Our preventative maintenance agreement is highly beneficial for home and business owners alike. Some of the benefits you can expect are:

  • Priority service in emergency situations
  • Keeps roof’s warranty valid by providing annual or bi-annual inspections as required by manufacturers
  • Assures warranty servicing by identifying warrantable issues
  • Identifies small problems due to normal exposure before escalating to serious issues
  • Extends the life of the roof through regular maintenance

Ensure Your Property’s Safety with Roof Tune Up and Building Maintenance

Our Roof Tune Up and Building Maintenance Programs will put you at ease regarding the upkeep of your roof. Without regular inspections by professional roofers, you risk the chance of running into severe roofing issues that will cost you a lot of money. We at Force Roofing Systems will put you in the hands of the best roofers in Middle Tennessee. For more information on how Roof Tune Up and regular building maintenance can help you better maintain your roof, contact us today!

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