7/12 : Storms Pummel Middle Tennessee

Jul 12, 2022Blog, Local News, Storm Damage, Tennessee

Well into the evening of July 12th, the heavens opened up over Middle Tennessee and delivered a storm unlike any other. Buckets of rain were dumped on the area, hail the size of baseballs beat and battered homes, and fierce lightning strikes lit up entire neighborhoods.

According to meteorologists in the area, the storm of July 12th was kind of unusual for the area. Middle Tennessee usually experiences short-lived summer storms whose hailfall usually measures about an inch or the size of a goofball. However, the storm that struck Middle Tennessee lingered longer than usual and hammered the area with hail the size of baseballs.

One resident in Chapel Hill noted that the falling hail caused a tremendous racket and sounded almost as if someone was throwing rocks at their home. Another resident in the area had their air conditioning annihilated by a lightning strike. Damaged rooftops were also a common complaint, as well as toppled trees.

Over 300 severe storms were recorded from Maine all the way to Arkansas. These storms left a trail of damage in their wake. In Maryland and Virginia, over 100,000 homes were stuck in the dark as passing storms destroyed powerlines, causing widespread blackouts. Back in Tennessee, the state received some heavy rains, with some areas receiving over 4 inches of rainfall. This drastic downpour caused flash flooding in some places, with dozens of residents having to be rescued by emergency officials.

At the Greenbrier Campground in Gatlinburg, 14 campers had to be rescued as the campground was entirely underwater in minutes due to the flash flooding of the Little Pigeon River. Several main roads and highways were submerged in water, and officials advised residents to immediately reduce travel and seek high ground. Several temporary evacuation shelters were opened, and more and more residents were displaced due to the storm.

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