Signs Your Roof May Be Rotting

Jul 23, 2021Blog, Franklin, Roof Problems

Several factors can influence the condition of your rooftop. Your roofing system is there to defend your home and your family from things like bad weather conditions, falling trees, and more. However, while it’s providing your home with protection, the weathering effects of the natural elements are capable of causing significant damages to your roofing.

One of the main elements that negatively affect your roof is moisture. If your home is consistently exposed to moisture, it can lead to things like mold and mildew growth; should it progress any further, your roofing system may start to rot.

Moisture in your roofing system can develop if the ventilation in your home’s attic is faulty. Ventilation allows air to flow through the inside of your house, keeping it cool and dry. When moisture develops in your attic space, this means that warm air has no way out of the house. This moisture then forms water spots on windows and ceilings. These water spots need special attention as they tend to cause rot, which will eventually deteriorate your roofing structures.

The presence of mold, mildew and rot in your roof can lead to severe illnesses. These growths should be removed as soon as it is detected. If you think that your home has roof rot, these are some signs that you can look out for.


Damp and Rotten Smell

Picking up a foul damp, and rotten smell making its around your house is one of the first and most subtle signs that rot may be present in your home.

If you’re able to track down the source of the smell, it’s essential to get a roofer in immediately to rid your home of the rot safely. You do not want to wait till the smell takes over your entire home, which could lead to breathing problems and illnesses


Deteriorated Roofing Materials

Roof rot is a tricky problem to get rid of. It often starts in your attic and then spreads like wildfire, eating away at everything in its path, eventually reaching your rooftop where it will completely break down your roofing materials shingle by shingle.

It’s essential to stop the spreading of the rot before it affects all your roofing materials. Because once it does, you would need to replace the entire roofing system.


Caving Roofdeck

A caving or sunken roof deck is probably the most significant sign of roof rot. Once the rot has spread to your roof deck, it compromises its entire structural integrity, which leads to a warped, distorted shape. A sunken roof deck is a roofing emergency because when left unattended, it will most likely lead to your entire roof structure buckling.


If you think your rooftop may be rotting, give Force Roofing Systems a call today!

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